The New Yorkers in Vegas - the Wedding Night

What a fun wedding for such a fantastic duo! Kristie and Rosario came all the way from New York City to have their Special Day in the fabulous Las Vegas. They decided to have a private ceremony at the wedding chapel and continued on with a romantic night limo drive and walk around the town soaking in  the fun Vegas spirit.  What an amazing night! I can’t say enough great things about Kristie and Rosario! They are such sweet, fun individuals with adventurous spirits. Their upbeat energy was contagious!

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Alien Skin Software

Some people, who claim to be photographers, still say that there is no need for post processing if you have a skill to create a good photograph from the very beginning. In our digital era, I'll say there is always a way to make your photograph look better even if it is a good shot and you are happy with it. Even a sudden change might help your image to get better dimension and feel. Here is an example of it.
For this image I used Alien Skin Exposure 6 - Kodak Ultra Color 100 UC

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