Swedish Wedding in the style of Holywood Glam

Emma and Stefan came all the way from Sweden to celebrate their love in our fabulous Las Vegas! They were lucky to get one of those beautiful warm days  (narrowly missed +115F) and everything turned out beautifully. Emma and Stefan are such a fun pair, they've chosen retro looking style of Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe. Las Vegas Downtown was the perfect fit for this stylish couple. So much love and laughter surrounding their day!  : )

The New Yorkers in Vegas - the Wedding Night

What a fun wedding for such a fantastic duo! Kristie and Rosario came all the way from New York City to have their Special Day in the fabulous Las Vegas. They decided to have a private ceremony at the wedding chapel and continued on with a romantic night limo drive and walk around the town soaking in  the fun Vegas spirit.  What an amazing night! I can’t say enough great things about Kristie and Rosario! They are such sweet, fun individuals with adventurous spirits. Their upbeat energy was contagious!

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Jia yu and Ket wedding at KJ Dim Sum & Seafood Chinese Restaurant

Jia yu and Ket are pure joy! They’re so kind, so sweet, and so endlessly adorable together. The entire day was full of utterly charming moments. It was a 10-hours wedding but I enjoyed every minute of it! 
Special thanks to my friend, great photographer and my second shooter Elena Foster who made the day so much easier!
More pictures to come! 
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I had a great experience of shooting formal wedding pictures  under the supervision of a great wedding photographerDavid Ziser.  It was at PSW pre-con wich I enjoyed a lot!

Unlike my natural way of shooting, it was a very technical photo shoot. We were controlling  the bright sunlight  with the large 84 inch white umbrella. By intercepting the sun’s rays that were falling directly on the bride, we were able to soften the light considerably and still maintain it’s direction.

Thank you David for coming to Las Vegas and for shearing your knowledge and experience with Las Vegas wedding photographers!