Why should we print photos?

This is ironic how I keep telling my clients to print their images and have them around their houses, but I rarely have time to do it with my own family photographs. Don't get me wrong - I have plenty of portraits around my house. Sometimes I print on metal, sometimes I order canvases, and sometimes I simply print and frame in wood frames. And this is all OK, but I don't update them often enough and this is the problem! I still have images of my 6-year old kid while she was 7 months fancy framed but I have no pictures of her where she is actually 6. Like I don't see her everyday anyways, right? And my 2-years old toddler has no pictures framed after she turned 1 whatsoever- bad mama!
You might say "How many photos is enough? why should I have them updated?!"
I'll tell you why! It is OK to have 10 pictures of 6-month old baby when he is 1 or so, but when he is 7, 12 or 16 you'd better have at least one per year displayed image of her, otherwise kids get an impression they were loved when they were cute babies, but now they are not loved so much since they are not cuties . And mama-dad-nan doesn't care for them that much anymore.
Self esteem , people! That's why! It might sound crazy, but this is not my discovery or invention. Kids' pictures around the house help them feel loved and important. 
So what I did today - I ordered 16x20 canvas of my girls! I am super exited! Can't wait to see it printed!!!