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The most beautiful thing in the world is the conjunction of learning and inspiration.  I live by this. I am a lifetime student who’s inspired by the special moments of Life. And as a photographer I think I can make a difference in other people lives by letting the beauty I love become the good I do. 

I draw inspiration and love form my beloved husband and two little daughters. They mean a world to me! And I bring this love and passion into my photography.

I love working with people and I am passionate about creating photographs to be treasured and shared for years to come.


Daria Artsybasheva


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All of my clients ask me what style I am shooting in. I call it illustrative style.

Since not everyone is into photography that deep I will explain what it means.
Basically it is a mix of styles. You won't get just documentary or only traditional images. I mix and match depending on your wedding style and personalities.
Rather then constantly posing your pictures, I follow you and your guests throughout the wedding day, capturing events as they unfold in order to tell the story of your wedding. My goal is to fade into the background and become “invisible” to the crowd in order to get these candid or unposed shots. And this style of photography is called documentary.

However I photograph in traditional style as well to make sure you and your families get photographs to frame. Usually we have dedicated time for the traditional portrait session. I work from a “shot list,” ensuring we cover all the elements the bride and groom have requested. To make sure every detail of the shots is perfect, my assistants and I not only adjust our equipment, but also the background, the subject’s body alignment, and even the attire.

Besides I do editorial photographs - images of the venue, locations, rings, flowers, table setups, all the fun details.

Couples interested in a more edgy result may prefer Fine Art Portraiture, with its dramatic lighting, unique angles and European flavor.

Fine Art wedding Portraiture