I personally think wedding photography is really important. And I know not everyone feels that way, but that’s why I’m doing it and they’re not, right?;)

 I’m under no illusion. At the end of the day it is just another service that’s provided. But at the same time, it’s more than just a photograph or just a service. This is a document of who this couple was!  In 30 years, their kids or grandkids can hopefully look at the images from the wedding and have some insight into the personality of their parents or grandparents. 

For me, customer satisfaction comes first and foremost.  My only criteria for the wedding day are that formal pictures cannot happen during the cocktail hour, and they either must be before it, or before the ceremony. I feel like formal pictures and the details in the cocktail hour are too important to rush trough.

When the first contact inquiry hits my inbox I will reply with two presentations of earlier weddings I had done, and a list of questions for the bride about herself and the wedding day including styles, themes, budget for photography and expectations.

When I get to the wedding I am in love with the couple. I genuinely think they are all beautiful brides; they always look stunning. The grooms are always handsome as well. And because I love them so much, I love their friends and families too! So when I shoot weddings, I shoot them as if they were my own friends or family. That’s what I feel I bring to their wedding day! 

In spite of photo-journalistic trend in our days, I love the formal portrait part of the day more than anything. I have worked at my posing techniques so that regular people can look like professional models out of the pages of some fashion magazine.

Once the photos are captured, I begin post wedding work. First I will do a rough edit of the RAW images and drop them into folder categories of the day.  Then I get a blog post for every wedding within a week of the wedding so couple can see it on their honeymoon. Meanwhile I keep working on the editing the files that might take me up to 35 hours and then I upload them to my photo-hosting site.

The majorities of Las Vegas wedding photographers claim that they will shoot your wedding as it is and provide you with the minimum retouched images that show all the natural beauty.  I don’t believe in “natural” look those digital high resolutions images can give you. It’s not pretty when you may see all the invisible wrinkles, exaggerated “love handles”, skin shagginess, etc. – all that you don’t really see with a naked eye.  I believe in a good pose and in a professional retouch. I don’t mean unnatural pretence and a plastic face with no expression. But soft film days are over and DSLR cameras nowadays have no mercy, with the extremely high resolutions they show you all.  That can be pretty upsetting. And that’s not a feeling you want to get from your wedding photographs.

My advice – check you wedding photographer’s portfolio and see if his/her style works for you! How simple is that?! However some people make their chose based on the price and don’t do enough of the research. No wonder they get upset with their BIG DAY photographs once they get them.  Unfortunately there is only one chance to do it right!

You’ve got your significant other! Now it’s time to find a perfect match for your taste and budget in a photography world!

I wish you to find a perfect match!