I had so much fun with Annabel and Adrian at their Love inspired Day After The Ceremony. It was just two of them  – they had some friends and family at the chapel, but then groom and bride decided to spend the rest of the day just two of them. They made it THEIR DAY.  The newlyweds were kissing, hugging, laughing, and I was honored to escort them with my camera and capture that Special Day!

For the couple whose love story and nuptials are rooted in Las Vegas, the city provides intriguing potential and endless possibilities for charting wedding day photography. All Las Vegas wedding photographers know that! That’s why we love this city!    But what is usually killing outside photography in Vegas is a sizzling sun. But that day was Special indeed! It was raining! So the light was soft and perfect! And we used that light in full!

…What a wonderful day it was! Thank you guys for making me a part of it!